The Church Is Not a Building

As a church we have a building. 

As a church we meet in a building. 

As a church we even like our building.

But as a church, we are a people. 

A diverse group of people. Called by God and joined together by the Holy Spirit through a shared faith in Jesus. So what unites us is not a building; but God's love for us that we are constantly learning to share with and show to one another. And as much as God's love brings us together to receive His gifts in worship, it also sends us out to serve our neighbor, transform our community, and be a blessing to the world.

A family in Faith

At Crosspointe, we understand the value God has given to the family. We know you and your family are important to God so you and your family are also important to us. Our ministry seeks to connect you and your family with others so life can be lived and shared in a community that is shaped by Jesus. A community in which you have the opportunity to both bless and be blessed by those you walk with in faith. A community that welcomes you into God's family while strengthening your faith to live as a son or daughter, sister or brother, mother or father, husband or wife. 


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