2022 March Gladness

Each year, our congregation participates in a March Gladness bracket challenge. Some of our favorite worship songs face off head-to-head to determine which will be crowned the March Gladness champion.

Our winner is King of Kings!

There are two ways you can participate. First, fill in a bracket with your picks and submit the bracket by Sunday, March 13. Brackets are available at church and can also be accessed as a PDF by clicking here. You can email your bracket to music@crosspointelutheran.org or bring a hard copy to church.

After you have submitted your bracket, start voting. The winner of each match-up will be determined by voting. Each person can vote once per round. If you're not familiar with a song this is a great encouragement for you to listen to them before you vote.

Voting for this week's match-ups is closed.


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Want to listen to this year's March Gladness songs?