What We Believe

  • God

    We believe there is only one true God who has revealed Himself to the world as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - three distinct Persons each truly, fully, and equally God. God is eternal. God is infinitely present and powerful. God is gracious and merciful, steadfast in love, and faithful in all His promises. God is the Creator of all things and He remains active and present in the world to provide for and preserve His Creation.

  • Jesus

    We believe that Jesus is both fully God and fully human. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, and lived a perfect, sinless life. He willingly died on the Cross in fulfillment of what God had long promises to rake the punishment our sin deserves. On the third day, Jesus physically rose from the dead in victory over sin, death, the devil, and every enemy. He ascended to the right hand of God where He continually intercedes on our behalf until He returns again in unveiled glory and unrestrained power to judge the living and the dead.

  • The Holy Spirit

    We believe that the Holy Spirit is the Lord and giver of life. That the Holy Spirit work in our live through God's  Word, baptism, the Lord's Supper to create and sustain our faith in Jesus that raises us up to a new and eternal life in Him. The Holy Spirit brings us to knowledge of truth, convicts our sin, and leads us to repent or turn from sin and seek forgiveness through Jesus. The Holy Spirit also creates unity among believers and empowers us to honor God and serve others with our unique gifts and abilities.

  • The Bible

    We believe that the 66 books of the Old and New Testament have been given to us by God as a revelation of truth about Him, His Creation, and His redemptive plans and purposes that are fulfilled and carried out in the person and work of Jesus. The Bible is the inspired Word of God - God, not man, is its source. The Bible is authoritative - it provides the standard or the norm for our faith and life. The Bible is also infallible - it is without error.

  • Humanity

    We believe God created man - male and female - in His image for perfect, sinless fellowship with Him and one another, However, sin entered the world through the deception of the devil and an original act of rebellion against God. Since then, all of us have inherited a sinful nature that makes us hostile to God and His ways and condemns us even before birth. Sin separates us from God and it creates divisions and disharmony in our relationships with one another. The guilt of sin deserves the punishment of eternal death making faith in Jesus our only hope for redemption and salvation.

  • Salvation

    We believe our relationship with God is only restored by His grace through our faith in Jesus. That God saves us by His grace means it is a free gift that is given to us purely out of God's goodness though it is undeserved and unearned. We are delivered and rescued from sin and its consequences only as our faith in Jesus joins us to Him. Through faith, the sinless life of Jesus is credited to us as if it were our own so that the perfect obedience of Jesus becomes the source of God's favor toward us. Through faith, the death Jesus died on the Cross is counted as payment for the debt of our sin and is completely sufficient to save us; meaning there is nothing we need to do and there is nothing we can do to make up for our sin. 

  • The Church and the Sacraments

    We believe that God gathers and calls the church so that the Gospel may be proclaimed and known throughout the world. God has given His Church three wonderful gifts. By His Word, God accomplishes His purposes in our lives and in the world, making us wise for salvation. In Baptism, God joins His Word with water to cleanse us from sin, create faith, give life, and invite us into His family as a beloved son or daughter. We believe that Jesus is truly present with us in the Lord's Supper giving His body and blood in a special and mysterious way through the bread and wine. In this Communion meal, Jesus gives all the blessings and promises of life and forgiveness.