Hope, Peace, Joy, Community during a pandemic

We firmly believe that Jesus is the source for hope, peace, and joy no matter the circumstances of our lives or the circumstances of the world around us. Even more than that, the hope, peace, and joy that is found in Jesus unite us in community with those who likewise have been called to faith in Him. Hope. Peace. Joy. Community. We have those in Jesus, always. As we grapple through the uncertainty of these days, weeks, maybe months of changes caused by a global pandemic we have hope, peace, joy, and community in Jesus. 

We have Jesus and we have each other.

The Bible says nothing can separate us from Jesus and His love and nothing can crush His church.

This page will be Crosspointe's centralized location for info & resources during the time our in-person, group gatherings are suspended. 

You can read our most recent congregational update here.

Worship during corona

For the next couple of weeks, our worship space is going to look like this. Our Church Council has voted to suspend in-person group gatherings through March 29 to be reevaluated then. 

On March 22 & 29, an online worship service will be broadcast at 10:30 and then it will remain available on our youtube channel. Click here to go to the channel. Then subscribe to it!

Click here to see song lyrics for April 5 worship.

Check back regularly for updates.

Prayer during corona

The Bible repeatedly calls Christians to pray and offers prayer that trusts in God as an alternative to anxiety. We are offering two online prayer gatherings each day at 1:19 and 5:15 pm. Join in for ten minutes to see familiar faces, hear familiar voices, and pray together!

Click here for link to Sunday 5:15 prayer gathering.

Resources during corona

While the lasting result of this season will not be to shift the center of our faith life away from our Sunday morning worship services, this is definitely an opportunity for us to strengthen our faith life outside of worship gatherings by developing new habits and practices at home. We will be adding resources below for your use at home, individually or as a family, both adults & kids.

Check out our Discipleship Plan for encouragement in the Word

For a link to the animated video to go with the Deacon Delivers Sunday School lesson, click here.